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A Selection of Products from NBE-Webshop


Version 16 controller

The controller is modulating, ie. the boiler adapts to the heating needs you have, and should you have very low needs, e.g. in the summer, the furnace turns off and starts by itself, with the built-in electric ignition.


Solar panel 550W

Manufacturer: BLUESUN, Model Type: BSM550M10-72HPH, Solar Cell Type: Monocrystalline, Power Maximum: 550W, Size: 2279*1134*35mm


RTB air 30kW-V16

RTB Air 30 kW-V16 is a highly efficient and cost effective pellet air heating system that is ideal for space heating in commercial workshops, warehouses, or similar


RTB grill Jakarta

The RTB Jarkata grill is the large size model among our range of generously sized wood pellet grills with 8000 cm2 of barbecuing real estate distributed across two stainless steel grate levels.


RTB 10-V16 Phoenix boiler

RTB Phoenix is the top of the line model in the RTB pellet boiler series which includes the V16 controller, 7” capacitive touch screen.


BS+ 16-V16 boiler with burner and exhaust fan

Including burner with compressor cleaning, exhaust fan, O2 sensor, circulation pump & V16 controller and 7" LCD display.